Demolition threats return to haunt Ria Formosa islanders

After all the ‘fireworks’ three months ago, the party seems to be over in Ria Formosa. Islanders are once again receiving demolition notices, reports TSF radio and PCP communists are demanding a meeting with the environment ministry “as a matter of urgency”.

Sociedade Polis Litoral – the government agency synonymous with demolitions until the resignation of its former president in November (click here) – has said it will be giving more details tomorrow (Thursday).

According to TSF radio, 50 islanders on the Culatra communities of Farol and Hangares have received notification that their homes are “going down”.

As the station points out “contrary to what was hoped”, even fishermen have received demolition notices.

SOS Ria Formosa, the action group that has been waging a David-versus-Goliath campaign to save hundreds of homes and what they see as a way of life says in a post on Facebook this evening that it “presented a serious, wide ranging plan” for the estuary months ago and still has not received any response.

It is a plan that presents “innumerous solutions and innumerous possibilities” for protecting Culatra island, and allowing its resident communities to stay in place.

As the group stresses, “the fight continues”, together islanders are stronger and anyone in government who thinks demolitions notices will be taken as read will certainly have to think again.

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