Dementia + bracelet

I read with interest Len Port’s article in last week’s edition about coping with dementia. In particular, I noted his paragraph about “Estou Aqui” (I’m here!), and the bracelet which is designed to assist should a person become disorientated or unconscious in public.

I am writing to ask if you can somehow bring to your readers’ attention the fact that this bracelet is not just available for dementia sufferers. I suffer from epilepsy and have been using one for at least two years now. It gives me a great feeling of confidence should I have to be alone in public, knowing that I have a means of drawing attention to a form of assistance.

Other people who may suffer from disorientation or some other form of loss of consciousness and who may need help – through whatever disease – can ask for one. After registering online (, I obtained my bracelet at my local Police Station, and it was very straightforward.

Sue McAdam