Delights of the Cataplana

Almancil will once again be celebrating the ever popular traditional Algarve ‘cataplana’ dish when it hosts the ninth Almancil Cataplana Festival from June 1 to 30.  

Cataplana is a delicious unique seafood stew which takes its name from a copper utensil shaped like a clam in which it is cooked.

The event welcomes participation from every restaurant in the parish and aims to show the richness of the local gastronomy on offer while honouring the ‘cataplana’ and highlighting typical Algarve dishes made with local and regional products.

It is also designed to promote the parish and stimulate the creativity of the chefs, who are given total freedom and autonomy to prepare the cataplanas in a variety of ways.

The organisation in charge of the event, the Almancil Business Association, will be distributing promotional 10% discount vouchers for those wishing to try the cataplana at participating restaurants.

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