Delights from the sea served in spectacular setting

By Marie-Anne Ferran

Some 25 members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs-Algarve, together with their families and friends, gathered at the Caniço restaurant on the picturesque beach of Prainha in Alvor for an informal lunch this month.

Caniço is very popular with both Portuguese and foreign residents, as many have been dining regularly at the restaurant since it opened 25 years ago because of its great food, party atmosphere and, of course, spectacular location.

It is situated on a lovely beach surrounded by a semi-circle of very tall cliffs. Arriving at the restaurant is part of the experience.  You take an elevator from the top, through the rock, to exit at the sea-level restaurant below.  

The views are astonishing and the beach is cut off from the rest of the world. If you can take your eyes off the view for a moment, the restaurant offers a nice selection of Mediterranean and Algarvian dishes.

On arrival, Chef Vitor treated us to a selection of local starters including his signature large blue mussels with fresh tomato and onion (cold) together with beers and wines.

The lunch started in earnest with a fleshy lobster bisque together with prawns which could only be topped by the two wonderful fresh grilled sea bream with razor clam rice.

This was followed by a ‘potpourri’ of Algarvian sweets together with fresh fruit and coffee.

The beautiful warm weather together with the fresh white and red bottles of Alandra wine were key to a well enjoyed lunch, followed by a lazy afternoon on the beach for some of our younger members.

For those who enjoy the highest levels of cuisine the Algarve has to offer, and have some charitable instincts for the support of a gastronomic school project for the less privileged in Évora, the Chaîne would be delighted to hear from them.

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