Delicious seafood takes centre stage at Armação de Pêra festival

Sixteen restaurants will be serving delicious seafood during Armação de Pêra’s 22nd ‘Festival da Caldeirada e do Mar’ next weekend (May 28-30).

Inspired by the Portuguese dish ‘caldeirada’, a typical stew cooked with fish or seafood, potatoes and peppers, the event aims to shine the spotlight on local seafood and recipes while also encouraging people to eat out once again.

Each participating restaurant will serve a variety of ‘caldeiradas’ and dishes made with seafood caught locally.

As Silves Mayor Rosa Palma puts it, it will be an “event that you cannot miss”.

“I believe it is extremely important to value the products of our municipality, from the mountains to the sea,” Palma said, adding that she hopes the event will also be a much-needed boost for the local economy.

The festival will also feature live music by Duo Académico Sons do Algarve, Mauro e Jorge – Friday (May 28) between 7.30pm and 10.30pm; and Saturday and Sunday (May 29-30) between 12.30pm and 3.30pm and 7.30pm and 10.30pm.

The event will be officially presented at Armação de Pêra’s municipal market at 9.30am on Friday (May 28).

Participating restaurants are: A Grelha; Arte Náutica; Cantinho do Petisco; Churrasqueira Balbino; Churrasqueira Casarão; Estrela-do-mar; Holiday Inn Algarve; Marisqueira Hera; Metrópole; O Fernando; O Pelintra; Olivalmar; Praia com Tempero; Rocha da Palha; Serol and Silvense.