Photo of the deli section at Baptista Supermarket

Deli-cious – the deli section at Baptista Supermarket has a lot to offer!

Good food is synonymous with happiness, and in the Algarve, Baptista Supermarket customers know this better than anyone. The products are selected based on quality, diversity, and sustainability criteria, in all sections, but particularly in the deli section, where a wide variety serves all tastes and palates.

Whether you pick up the pre-packed options or by weight, you will find Italian hams such as Parma, typical English pies and pastries, as well as an incredible selection of cheese — from national cheeses, such as from Azeitão, Évora, Pico and Serra da Estrela, to international options, there is a wide range. Among the international cheeses, you can choose between cream cheeses, portioned out blocks, sliced or grated. With the variety on offer, you can prepare a cheese board to please everyone.

It’s important to pick the right product according to the circumstances. If you are spending the day at the beach, some slices of cheese and ham are imperative to make delicious sandwiches. If you are spending time with friends at the end of a day, you may want a board with different types of cheese and some crackers to spread Serra da Estrela cheese. If you make an Italian pasta for the whole family, you won’t want to miss out on using the best grated cheese available.

Baptista also prioritises serving a vegetarian and vegan audience. Whether for health, ethical, religious, or environmental reasons, there is an audience that expects flavour and quality, but within a range of products that are not of animal origin. The vegetarian options at the Luz supermarket are high-quality products, and in the frozen food section you can find the range of meatless choices from the McCartney brand. It is well known that happy holidays can depend on rich meals and quality food choices. And it’s with this in mind that the Baptista family supermarket puts time into the criteria for choosing and selecting its charcuterie products.

If you are shopping online, you can browse through the cold meats section where you will find the different options by weight or pre-packed. Within the range of cold meats, you can find bacon, chorizo, ham, poultry ham, salami, sausages and even the vegetarian sliced “meat” and sausages. The selection of international creamy cheese includes Brie, and there’s goat’s cheese, Gouda and Quark. The range of international sliced and portioned cheeses comprises organic and vegan cheeses, along with portioned Gorgonzola, Halloumi, Roquefort, Parmesan and Raclette.

Even if you choose to do your shopping online, the team at Baptista Supermarket is always available to help guide you in your choices and give you the best recommendations based on your wishes and expectations.

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Photo of the cheese section at Baptista Supermarket

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