Dedicated ambulance service for Almancil

news: Dedicated ambulance service for Almancil

ALMANCIL now has its own ambulance service. The new vehicle was recently unveiled at the Bombeiros Municipais de Loulé – Almancil branch building. During the inauguration ceremony, Loulé Câmara President, Seruca Emídio, described the new service as being “a very important development for the improvement of quality of life for the Almancil population”. The service aims to provide quicker aid and transportation of emergency cases from the area, as well as to provide backup support at any accidents that take place on the EN125. Apparently, this is also the first step towards the creation of a new fire brigade unit that would take prime responsibility for putting out fires that occur in areas adjacent to Almancil, such as Ludo, Quinta do Lago or Vale do Lobo.

The ambulance service, that is going to operate 24 hours a day on an emergency call-out basis, is counting on the support of two staff members, a driver and a paramedic, from the Bombeiros Municipais de Loulé.

Despite the population level and the economic importance of Almancil, for some years, this has been the only parish in the borough where there has been no emergency ambulance service. Seruca Emídio also spoke of his intention to improve the availability of health care in Almancil by increasing the operating hours of the Centro de Saúde (health centre).