DECO informs…Report water waste in your area!

“I know that DECO has been carrying out a campaign about water waste in Portugal, asking consumers to report any cases of wastage in public areas. What is the goal of this initiative?”
Water leaks and wasteful watering habits in public gardens are at the top of a list of 400 complaints we have received from 96 municipalities since the beginning of our campaign on April 17.
If you notice any water leaks in public areas, please take photographs and send them to DECO.
Having quality water supply at accessible prices is possible if the management of all the logistics behind the service is efficient. Therefore, it is vital to cut back on water wastage from the moment it is collected to the moment it reaches the consumer.
DECO supports adjusting water tariffs, but with the guarantee that managing entities will continue to work efficiently, namely regarding water waste.
The cost of their inefficiency, such as the treatment, transportation and distribution of water that ends up being wasted, shouldn’t have an effect on tariffs.
The gradual tariff increase has been justified by the need to recover costs in order to ensure the sustainability of the service.
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