Decision day looms for Brit accused of murdering grandmother and burying her under concrete

Nigel Jackson, the British former cab driver accused of murdering his older partner and then burying her body in the couple’s Alcalar back garden was back in court this week to hear that judges would be coming to a decision by January 28.

With the case already into its third ‘hearing’, prosecutors maintained it was “unthinkable” that anyone could have buried a human being under concrete in a back garden – particularly as Jackson then went on to tell friends and relatives that 72-year-old Brenda Davidson was in England, seeking treatment for a nasty cough.

The dead woman’s son Dean had previously told the court that Jackson had used his mother’s cellphone to text messages, purportedly from her, to say she was in a new relationship with a man called Erik, and travelling through Europe and America.

But once the true horror of what had happened came out in the first few days of last year, Jackson told police his partner had committed suicide, and he simply decided to bury her – “according to her wishes” – alongside dead pets that had been buried in the back garden.

In court this week, prosecutors claimed “not even an animal” deserved to be treated with such “lack of care and respect” – and as the Resident reported last year, Brenda’s son Dean was not even aware of any of his mother’s pets having ever been buried near the shallow grave where his mother’s body was found, wrapped in tarpaulin.

Jackson’s defence, however, is that Jackson is not guilty of murder, but simply of “concealing a body”.

The court heard nonetheless that the blood found in the couple’s living room “contradicted the thesis of suicide”.

The reading of the judges’ decision has been scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday January 28.

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