Decapitated dismembered body identified as that of Portuguese emigré
Image of Diana Santos taken from her Facebook page (2018)

Decapitated dismembered body identified as that of Portuguese emigré

Former partner recognises tattoos; informs family

The grim mystery over the identity of a decapitated, dismembered body discovered at the back of an abandoned building in Mont-Saint-Martin, France, has been solved. 

The former partner of 40-year-old Portuguese emigré Diana Santos saw images of tatoos on the body in news bulletins, and has been in touch with police. 

Ms Santos – a karaoke singer who performed in bars – disappeared last month.

According to reports, her dismembered body was found by a teenager who went to the back of the building to urinate.

The legs had been removed at the knee; the arms were also removed.

It is a horror that has understandably shocked the Portuguese emigré community in France, as well as in Luxembourg (just 70 kms from the location where the body was found) and the country in which Ms Santos lived.

An autopsy has not revealed any sign of bullet wounds, or sexual violence.

Ms Santos’ head has yet to be recovered.

Everything points to the dismemberment having taken place post-mortem.

French police are working with counterparts in Luxembourg to try and ‘reconstruct’ the dead woman’s final days “and understand who she came in contact with”.

Say reports, it is very likely that investigations will extend to authorities in Portugal.

Diana Santos hailed from Caxinas, Vila do Conde. She had been living in Luxembourg for a number of years. She leaves behind a 22-year-old son.

Following the story today, Jornal de Notícias concludes that roughly 50 kms from where Ms Santos’ body parts were discovered, another decapitated corpse was found. “For now a link between the two crimes – namely the existence of a serial killer – is ruled out”, says the paper.

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