Decapitated body discovered in plastic bag near Lisbon

Body parts found by locals in Pero Moniz, Cadaval

The decapitated body of a what was initially described as a woman was discovered in Pero Moniz, Cadaval – close to Lisbon – last night.

Reports say local people chanced upon the grim discovery, calling it in around 9pm.

The body was in a plastic bag, “missing parts, like the head”, says a police source.

It is not clear how the discovery was made; where the plastic bag was found. But police are certain this is a crime – and that whoever was responsible has tried to cover up the victim’s identity.

PJ police are now working on who the victim could be. For the time being, there are no further details.

NB Since this story went up online, initial reports on gender have changed. The body parts are now being attributed to a man.

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