Decapitated body near Lisbon: journalists discover more body parts

Crime scene “contaminated” by locals

The mystery of the decapitated body discovered in a bin bag in Pero Moniz, Cadaval – north of Lisbon – earlier this week has moved on substantially: the body is not that of a woman, as initially described, but a man – and further body parts (namely legs and arms) have been found, by journalists mingling with the throngs that have “contaminated the scene” since the first bag, with the victim’s torso, was discovered on Tuesday evening.

This is a story that suggests police should have set up a perimeter around the scene from the outset.

As it is now, clues as to who left the two bags in the wooden area may be impossible to find.

The advantage of the discovery of the second bag is that forensic experts will now have finger print evidence to help research the victim’s identity.

The head appears still to be missing.

Last night the area was being minutely searched by police with sniffer dogs, writes Correio da Manhã.

The little that seems to be clear is that the victim was dismembered at another location – and the crime happened quite recently.

“To the naked eye, investigators say this was a relatively young person, although it is unclear what was the cause of death”, says the paper.

Local people are said to be in shock, many of them having ‘accompanied the collection of the mortal remains which took place throughout the day yesterday’.

The first bag is understood to have been found by a man out hunting wild boar. He was apparently drawn to the bag due to the ‘nauseating smell’ emanating from it.

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