Debt causes kidnapping

A FEMALE Canadian ex-pat was kidnapped recently from Estoril near Cascais, and taken to Vigo in Spain. The woman, identified as Renee Forester, ran a business with her husband in Estoril, where they have been living for several years. The PSP was alerted to the kidnapping when Renee’s husband reported her missing to officers in Estoril. “He gave us a description of the three men involved and the Spanish car that they drove away in,” a spokesperson from the PSP revealed, adding that the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) then contacted the Spanish authorities for help in tracking down the kidnappers.

According to the PJ, the three men had requested that Renee’s husband pay 500,000 euros in ransom money for his wife’s release. The same amount, according to the PJ, that he owed to a Spanish company. Hours after Renee’s abduction, the kidnappers’ vehicle was spotted in Vigo, Spain, and three men – one Spaniard and two Canadians, aged between 27 and 41 years old – were arrested. They are currently awaiting trial in Spain, although the criminal investigation will be carried out in Portugal and Spain. A PJ spokesperson revealed that there were no signs that her kidnappers had mistreated Renee and that no ransom had been paid.