Deaths off west coast

A German woman and a Portuguese man died off the west coast in the Algarve in separate incidents on Tuesday, January 3.

The German tourist, 36, was walking with her partner along the cliffs in the Ingrina beach area, Vila do Bispo, when it seems she slipped and fell just before 11am. Strong currents dragged her out to sea.

A rescue team, alerted by the partner, pulled the woman from the sea and took her to the nearby Baleeira port but she was declared dead at around 11.30am.

Counselling was provided to the victim’s partner.

At around the same time, a body was seen floating by the cliffs near Sagres fortress.

It is believed the victim, a man aged 51, had fallen from the cliffs in the area but the cause of death is yet to be determined.

A rescue team including a helicopter retrieved the body from the sea during an hour-long operation due to the rough seas and rocks.

Both bodies were taken to the Portimão Institute of Legal Medicine for autopsies to be carried out. The body of the German victim is said to have been flown to Germany.