Death of pet dog “worth €7,500”

An appeal court in Penafiel has confirmed the decision to pay a dog owner €7,500 for the horrific killing of her animal.

The incident goes back to 2009 when a neighbour’s German Shepherd was loose in the street and attacked the dog (described as small) as it was being walked by its owner.

The owner – a woman – sustained injuries herself trying to separate the animals.

The end result was her much-loved pet lay mauled to death – and the owners of the German Shepherd refused to assume any blame.

Five years on, the blame has been squarely apportioned, with €2500 going towards paying for the dog owner’s injuries and ensuing hospital visits.

Appeal court judges said the relationship between a pet animal and its owner cannot be underrated.

“The anguish and suffering caused by the loss of an animal for which the owner had gained affection, with which the owner shared the day-to-day, fed, cared for, took to the vet when it was ill or needed attention, was taken into account,” read the final ruling.

Thus the owners and their insurance company are finally faced with paying for the death of the small-in-stature mongrel dog that the woman told the court she still misses today.