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Death certificates to gain “permanent validity”

Government waives requirement for death certificiates to be renewed…

Considering today has been centered this far on a presidential veto that, in final analysis, is not expected to change anything, the fact that death certificates are to be given “permanent validity” adds to the nonsensical flavour of Portugal’s day-to-day news.

How is it possible that a death certificate would need ‘updating’?

But, this is not the question, apparently. 

The ‘announcement’ by the ministry of justice is being repeated deadpan: “death certificates will now be permanently valid”, says Lusa.

Even online death certificates will be permanently valid without the need for renewal”.

As Lusa explains, “other online civil registration certificates provide access to the information recorded on the date of issue for a period of six months”.

This would appear to have been a money-making exercise which the government has decided should be reined in, for the dead.

“Also, as of September, online access to simplified property information that is requested online will cost one euro per building, instead of the six euros charged previously. As well as being more convenient, this service will now be cheaper,” the ministry of justice notes.

These measures – the ministry of justice emphasises – are part of the “strategy of simplifying and facilitating access to registry services”, pointing out that this year it was “already possible to launch Birth + citizen and + citizen and the request for a free citizen’s card for babies up to one-year-old, which allows all Portuguese citizens, including those geographically distant from the country, to be born citizens and with the right to their identity, free of charge”.

Now the process of becoming a ‘minus citizen’ has at least been taken out of the bureaucratic loop.

Source material: LUSA