Dear Editor,

As a resident of Olhão I am horrified to see that the council is proposing to add to its recent mistakes and continue to ‘modernise’ the city’s historic centre.

Already we have had to put up with the machine-cut industrial paving slabs in certain areas of town, now further large areas of wonderfully patterned cobblestone (calçada) are to be torn up and replaced.

The beautifully laid calçada shopping areas are one of the great charms of this city.

The style of the new lighting and street furniture have already proved to be totally inappropriate for a city which wants to promote itself as ‘historic’.

Turning the centre into a modern-themed zone that has little to do with history, and it shows the council is failing to understand that Olhão’s appeal is in its cobblestoned winding streets, beautiful old bracket lights, ancient buildings and charming squares.

While the city does need a good clean-up, graffiti removed, signage redesigned, etc., it does not require wholesale modernisation along with a 20-metre high, six-storey viewing tower plonked into the middle of a high-quality residential area.
Thankfully, locals and expats are rallying in an attempt to oppose this civic insanity. We will be in touch!

Denise Parker
By email