Daughter sprinkles father’s body with coffee and chocolate powder, cashing in on pension for months

The case of a body discovered on the floor of a kitchen in advanced stages of decomposition will be getting its day in court later this year, with the defendant – the daughter of the deceased – on trial for body desecration, IT and fiscal fraud.

Say reports, the 60-year-old sprinkled coffee and chocolate powder over her father’s body, and ‘benefitted from his pension’ for at least six months.

It was only when the dead man’s granddaughter realised that her grandfather was ‘missing’ that authorities went to the property and made their grim discovery.

By then it was impossible to determine whether 87-year-old Jorge Mendonça had been murdered, or whether he had simply died of natural causes, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

His body was discovered on the floor of the kitchen, covered in ‘brown powder’.

The kitchen door was locked, with the key on the outside of the door.

Amália Mendonça, a former ‘educator’ for pre-school children, is described as suffering from chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

CM claims that Amália “visited the house every day, thus prosecutors cannot accept as credible the possibility that she didn’t know her father was dead”.

Jorge Mendonça’s monthly pension brought in €1,167,20 per month, says the paper.

Amália Mendonça is said to be awaiting trial at liberty, in the property “where the body was found”.

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