Daughter lived with corpse of father, possibly for nearly 20 years

Mummified body discovered in Oeiras alongside decomposing remains

Firefighters called to investigate a very bad smell in an apartment block in Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras, got a horrible surprise yesterday afternoon. Not only did they find the decomposing remains of the occupant, but the mummified corpse of what they presume will have been her father who may have died as many almost 20 years ago.

Say reports, the body was just bone and desiccated skin.

This is one of those bizarre stories of ‘oddball hoarders’. Authorities have described an apartment “filled with rubbish”.

Neighbours have described a woman who communicated very little, was “always on her own” and was often seen carrying “large quantities of bleach” with which she disguised smells that came from the apartment. 

All this however must have stopped a couple of months ago, hence the increasing smell, and the call finally to authorities to investigate.

It seems the dead woman will have been in her 60s; the mummified corpse that of a man in his 80s.

Documents found in the apartment show an expiry date of 2005, and were never renewed, adds Correio da Manhã, thus the holder may have been dead as many as 20 years.

Right now, it’s all ‘a mystery’: forensic testing will have to go ahead to confirm the family relationship of the two bodies, and the causes of death. 

Crime, however, is not suspected in either case.

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