José Manuel Espírito Santo
Portuguese writer / journalist Maria João Avillez has described José Manuel Espírito Santo in interview with Observador as "a good, just and correct man". The image above comes from the parliamentary inquiry in 2014 in which José Manuel Espírito Santo gave his apology. He was described then as the only member of the banking family to have made a public apology. He has since died. Lusa

Date for BES trial moves forwards, almost decade since bank collapsed

Almost 10 years since BES collapsed, causing damages of around €11.8 billion, the trial of those considered guilty of its mismanagement will be moving forwards. Considered one of the largest cases in the history of Portuguese justice, this case will see former bank president Ricardo Salgado – now suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease – and several others answer charges including fraud and abuse of trust. Mr Salgado himself faces 65 alleged crimes including those of corruption, abuse of power, falsification of documents and criminal association. His defence team argue that the former banker, now aged 79, is in no position to defend himself, nor fit even to stand trial.