Data privacy law in Portugal

Learn about the challenges of meeting and implementing data privacy laws within business during a two-day event in Lisbon on November 24 and 25.

The meeting will include presentations made by the president and members of the National Commission for the Protection of Data (CNPD) and specialist lawyers who will be providing insight into the legal issues of privacy laws and how they can be implemented in the workplace.

On the first day of the event, specialist speakers from law firms, pharmaceutical companies and the banking sector will discuss interventions while, on the second day, a session will be hosted by the CNPD from a regulators perspective.

The sessions have been created to help business owners learn how to protect their reputation and reduce legal risks and costs from failure to comply with the data protection laws in Portugal.

Portugal has a distinct interpretation of the EU Data Protection Directive and these specifics will be discussed as well as the policies of the CNPD in relation to issues such as whistle blowing, drug and alcohol records and the tracking of mobile phones.

For further information about the event, which costs from 690 Euros for both days, please email [email protected]