Dão – Condessa de Santar (2010)

By Patrick Stuart

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This is the premium white wine from one of the Dão region’s best known producers – Casa de Santar.

Wine has been produced here for over 400 years and the magnificent manor house dating back to the 17th and 18th century is open to visitors.

Priced at €24.99 at Apolónia, this is the third in my series of columns on Portugal’s top whites, wines that for most of us are either for very special occasions or perhaps as a gift to a wine lover. But, most importantly, this series is about discovering just how far the production of white wine at the premium level has come in Portugal over recent years, and the answer is a very long way.

This is a “big” wine by any white wine standards. I would not call it particularly elegant but rather a full-on wine of very high quality. Lemon yellow in colour, this is one of those whites that can quite easily replace a red in many food pairing situations.

On the nose, the oak is there in force but well balanced with layers of citric notes.

In the mouth it has a creamy texture with real body and great acidity, ending in a rich and long finish.

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