Danish couple ‘flees coronavirus quarantine’ in Copenhagen for trip to Madeira – but health authorities catch them out

A Danish couple which decided to break quarantine to travel to Madeira didn’t bargain for the joined-up thinking of European health authorities.

No sooner had the Danish side realised the couple was on the move, they tipped off authorities in Portugal.

When the couple reached their hotel (yesterday, Sunday), they were placed back in quarantine, in their hotel room – and that’s where they will stay for the next week.

Says Expresso: “The general directorate of health received the information and passed it on to Madeira. The result is that, right now, the two tourists are isolated in a hotel room in Funchal”.

The couple had been ordered to self-isolate for 14 days after having contact with their son, who is ill with Covid-19 at the moment, having started showing symptoms on March 1.

Madeira already has two people in hospital in Funchal, suspected of having the virus. They both recently returned from trips to Italy.

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