Daniel ‘out of lion’s den’: born in Gaia after mum’s flight from Ukraine

Daniel is one of the first (perhaps the first) baby born to a Ukrainian refugee who fled to Portugal following the Russian invasion of her country. Daria Sulokhina, 25, left Ukraine in the 39th week of her pregnancy (essentially ‘ready to pop’; at the stage doctors advise against any kind of travel). She made it here safely and in time to give birth to her son, weighing a whopping 4kg (51 cms) at the Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/ Espinho. Correio da Manhã says that “in honour of the country that has given her refuge”, she chose a Portuguese name (Daniel in Ukraine is usually Danylo, meaning ‘God is my judge’). Daniel’s father has remained in Ukraine, fighting. Both parents are said to be ‘delighted’.