Danger on the Algarve beaches

After two months of storms, today I went for a stroll on the beach, and what I saw in the surf made me think…

I saw a surf line with tiny crab claws, the waves lapping on the beach and above all, the reason I am writing, two Portuguese man of war recently dead.

This species is an extremely toxic medusa. If you see one do not touch it. Even dead, their soft tissue bites like a serpent and will mark your skin forever. The pain is indescribable.

What got me thinking is that these creatures live thousands of miles from our coast so what are they doing here? They live in hot water, in regions like Australia and California, US.

When they appear on beaches in those areas, they get closed to the public and are considered more dangerous than sharks.

The weather is improving and the walks by the sea become more appealing. If you see creatures like these, restrict yourselves to a look and then move on.

Regina Duarte, by email