The ASB group in Malhão - Photo: MICHAEL JENSEN

Damp September ride for Algarve Senior Bikers

Algarve Senior Bikers (ASB) had a slightly damp ride on the way to the meeting point in São Marcos to Serra for the September outing due to early rain showers.

The day was organised by Philippe Payen with the assistance of Eric Desurvire and David Shirley.

After a few kilometres of the ride, the clouds started to clear and there was bright sunshine for the rest of the day.

Travelling from São Marcos, the group went north up the IC1 before turning towards São Barnabé and the hills.

The group climbed north before turning east again and visiting a viewpoint, just shortly before arriving for a coffee break at Malhão.

After coffee, riders continued on the route down via Benafim and Parragil to Olhos de Água where lunch was at A Lagosteira restaurant.

Having enjoyed a leisurely lunch and chat, riders then dispersed to return home to various parts of the Algarve.

“It was an enjoyable day out with splendid views in the hills north of Salir,” said David Shirley.

The ASB group in Malhão – Photo: MICHAEL JENSEN
Organisers Philippe and Eric at the viewpoint – Photo: DAVID SHIRLEY