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Czech president Milos Zeman visits Portugal for business forum

Yet another head of state arrives in Portugal this week, to discuss business opportunities that could benefit both countries. This time it is the Czech Republic’s president Milos Zeman – the first president in his country to be elected by popular vote. This is the third visit by a head of state since President Marcelo took office. The last two welcomed the president of Egypt (click here), and the king and queen of Spain.

Zeman’s trip will begin with an audience with President Marcelo in Belém and go on to parliament. He is also due to have meetings with minister for foreign affairs Augusto Santos Silva, and meet the mayor of Lisbon who will present him with a key to the capital.

Zeman has been in power since 2013, is a former prime minister, and has been criticised for being “pro-Russian” and a little too fond of alcohol and cigarettes.

On a lighter note, he has been described as unbribable. A former ‘godfather of organised crime in the Republic’ has been credited with saying Zemon “only wants a sandwich, three pickles and for people to like him”.

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