Cyclone forming close to Azores “could hit Portuguese mainland” online has featured formation of cyclone close to mainland

Cyclone forming close to Azores “could hit Portuguese mainland”

US hurricane centre says activity “could come in 24-hours… or five days”

With rain already forecast for the first few days of September, IPMA meteorologists have been presented with the possibility of a cyclone hitting the Portuguese mainland after affecting both the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira.

The warning came yesterday from the United States’ National Hurricane Center. Experts believe there is the possibility of a tropical cyclone forming within the next 24-hours, or over the next five days.

IPMA meteorologist Alessandro Marraccini says the situation is being “followed with attention”, but it is “too early to confirm the passage of a cyclone over Portugal”. 

The US warning comes after freak hail storms in northern Spain killed a two-year-old child and caused untold damage to cars and property.

Weatherwise, the continent is seeing a general cooling, with maximum temperatures falling and rain forecast – even in the south – by the weekend. Alessandro Marraccini stressed that whatever the rainfall, the situation of extreme drought is likely to persist.

Indeed, Portugal’s drought ‘just gets worse’: thousands of trout had to be removed from water tanks that were slowly drying up in a fish farm in Bragança, while many could not be saved. River beaches in the interior are visibly ‘shrinking’, while dams and reservoirs are reaching rock bottom. The Algarve’s Bravura dam, for example, is down to just 9.8% of its capacity.