Cyclists going through red lights will lose points on driving licences

If you thought pedalling through a red light was the privilege of travelling on two wheels, think again. Cyclists are just as liable for prosecution as motorists, explains Diário de Notícias today – and any infractions could lose them points on their driving licences.

The news was taken from motoring website Motor24 which reports that “not many cyclists know this”.

Disprespecting STOP signs will equally lead to consequences, as both issues are set out in the Highway Code, explains the site.

Fines ranging from €74 to €374 (for STOP sign infractions) and €99 to €498 (for red lights) accompany sanctions that could see as many as four points lopped off driving licences.

In some cases, Motor24 warns that cyclists’ bikes could be “apprehended” – forcing men and women in lycra and special cycling shoes to either make a spectacle of themselves walking home, or call for back up.

The only saving grace to the thought of police enforcing these little known rules is that people who don’t have a driving licence will not be able to lose any points.

Whether their black marks would follow them into a four-wheeled future however is not explained.

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