Cybersecurity and Philosophy

The Algarve History Association is holding two talks in May – one on cybersecurity presented by expert Jim Lichko on May 2 and 3 in Tavira and Lagoa libraries, respectively (at 6pm), and the other a “Philosophy Café” by Maria João Neves on May 6 at Associação Casa Álvaro de Campos in Tavira (5.30pm).

Jim Lichko has been involved with computer security since the 70s and is the author of five cybersecurity books. He has lived in Ferragudo since 2010 and is a board member and cybersecurity advisor for Safe Communities Portugal.
Maria João Neves’ Philosophy Café will be in the English language. Maria has a doctorate in Philosophy and has published a number of books. The topic for the first Philosophical Café is ‘Creating Positive Karma’.

Info: [email protected]