Hackers take stand against Portuguese Justice “intent on punishing whistleblower”

Cyberattack insurance: companies expect spike in interest following Impresa hack

The devastating hack into the systems of the Impresa group this week (click here) has seen insurance companies accept there is bound to be a spike in interest in cyberattack insurance.

The curious (if not very worrying) aspect of the attack by the Lapsus$ Group is that to date they have not requested any kind of ransom.

Says a statement sent to subscribers of Expresso today: “Contrary to reports, this attack cannot be explained as a form of ransomware, as there has been no ransom request. It appears to have been a gratuitous act of mass destruction and sabotage of the information infrastructure and systems of the Impresa Group”.

As of yesterday, the websites of SIC television news and Expresso are ‘back online’, but in a very rudimentary form.

This has been the most notable cyberattack in Portugal’s recent history, but certainly not the first.

The Portuguese Association of Insurers says interest in cover against attacks has been growing – and will certainly now grow a great deal further.

Specialists talking to Lusa have confirmed that the risk of other Portuguese businesses being targetted “is permanent”. Indeed, it is “just a question of time before attacks happen”, they told the State news agency.

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