CUVI discusses five years of A22 motorway tolls

Anti-tolls group CUVI is meeting in Faro on Thursday, December 8 to discuss the “consequences of five years of tolls” on the Algarve’s A22 motorway.

The event will begin with lunch at Faro’s Moto Club at 1pm (cost per person is €11), to be followed by an open debate, before another characteristic ‘go-slow protest’ that this time will head towards Forum Algarve shopping centre from 4pm.
The event has been announced just a week since government leaders voted against a proposal to scrap the tolls once and for all.

Opposition PSD and CDS-PP MPs abstained, while those aligned with BE and PCP (communists) voted in favour.

“It was the first time that the PS (Socialists), on their own, rejected a proposal to end the A22 tolls,” said CUVI in a statement.

The group added that the EN125 – the only alternative to the motorway – is the country’s “most dangerous and deadly road”, registering thousands of accidents every year.

The lunch is open to anyone interested, via: 963 172 608 | 965 334 155 | [email protected]