Customer complaints hit record level in 2015

Portugal registered a record number of official complaints in 2015.

Data shows that the country’s Livro de Reclamações (official complaint book) was used 303,548 times last year – a 21.2% increase compared to 2014. The ‘boom’ is even higher when compared to 2011’s 149,000 complaints filed.

“It’s a sign Portuguese consumers are more aware of their rights and the importance of using them,” Secretary of State for Commerce, Paulo Ferreira, explained.

Retail and food sectors registered more than half the complaints (155,612), followed by health (52,215) and communication (49,764).

The top five areas for gripes also included energy (13,644) and financial (8,752) services.

Portugal’s Livro de Reclamações can be requested at virtually any store, outlet and service provider in the country, giving consumers a fast, easy way to register dissatisfaction.