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Curtains as you’ve never seen them before at BLiP

If you would like to enjoy your terrace, patio or balcony all year round, then Atlantic Glass Curtains have the ideal solution for you.

Atlantic Glass Curtains are the latest innovation in glazing and suit any type, size and shape of property. Atlantic Glass Curtains are a division of a company that have been suppliers and fitters of windows, doors, conservatories and glass balcony glazing for over 40 years.

Atlantic Glass Curtains are individual glass panels that open and fold away, while only using a top and bottom profile. When they are closed they will not obscure your view or change the outside façade of your property and, you can have them fully open in the summer, partly closed on windy days or completely closed to enjoy the winter sun. Atlantic Glass Curtains have been developed so that you can get the most out of your terrace, patio or balcony whatever the time of year.

The glass panels come in all heights and widths, with 10mm toughened safety glass as standard and the profiles come in all colours to match your property. The shape of your terrace or balcony is also not an obstacle, as Atlantic Glass Curtains are designed to slide over angles of different degrees.

As each panel opens inwards, Atlantic Glass Curtains allow you to easily clean both sides, from the safety of your terrace, patio or balcony.

Installed by highly trained craftsmen, Atlantic Glass Curtains provide a full project management scheme from first contact by the client, right through to after sales service and, with their in-house design team, any technical matters concerning conservatories, swimming pools and terrace enclosures can also be dealt with.

Atlantic Glass Curtains are ideal for bars, restaurants and shops. When open, your customers can relax in the open air and enjoy the view and, when the temperature drops, you can close Atlantic Glass Curtains to keep your customers warm, while allowing them to still use the terrace in comfort, enjoying an unobstructed view.

Atlantic Glass Curtains not only enhance the traditional function of a balcony they also transform the concept of one – they make the balcony an indoor place outdoors and vice versa.

Come and see Atlantic Glass Curtains for yourself at the BLiP exhibition.