Curry for cats and dogs

The Raj at the Hotel Garbe Indian restaurant in Armação de Pêra, hosted a charity dinner in aid of Quintinha dos Animais and Amigos dos Gatos recently, and raised 790 euros. Guests enjoyed a wonderful Indian buffet, plenty of wine and danced the night away in a disco provided by Kiss radio producer, José Manuel Lourenção, plus songs from young Danish vocalist, Jerica Regine.

Quintinha dos Animais in Loulé is home to approximately 200 dogs and 120 cats, as well as donkeys, several goats and a few rabbits. A spokesman for the charity said that the new cattery has improved conditions and enabled the organisers to house some of the increasing number of stray cats in the Algarve. Of course, there is always a need for continued improvement and expansion of cat and dog facilities.

The charity has recently been successful in promoting the homing of stray dogs of the Algarve to animal lovers in Germany. The kennels in Germany have mainly large dogs in need of homes, but in areas where people live in apartments there are opportunities to home the smaller breeds.

Amigos dos Gatos is based in Albufeira and its principal objective is the care of the feral cat population of the area. This is achieved by sterilisation and making sure there are regular feeding arrangements. The work is endless but funds are not – constant fundraising is necessary for food and for the vet’s bills.

• If anyone would like to assist with voluntary work or in raising funds, please contact Lesley on 289 514 218 or 962 414 584.