Currencies Direct - Currency exchange

Currencies Direct – Currency exchange

The best exchange rate to get you those precious ocean views
Algarve. White sand between your toes, the gentle lap of the waves in the turquoise ocean, the warm breeze rustling through the trees. The sizzle of seafood and the sparkle of vinho verde as the sun slips behind the horizon. Not to mention the charming old towns, beautiful landscapes and churches around every corner. No wonder you didn’t want to leave. A dazzling range of housing and the promise of reliable rental income have lured thousands of foreigners to invest in property in the region.
Go further with a dreamy exchange rate
It’s easy to get swept away by the ocean views when you’re hunting for a property. At some point, practical considerations will creep in – one of the most important being how you’re going to transfer your hard-earned money to Portugal to seal the deal on your dream home. You might not know until it’s too late that, if you use your local bank, you could lose thousands in fees and unfavourable exchange rates.
Whether you’re securing a holiday home, making an investment or embarking on a big move, you’ll be better off with an experienced international payment specialist.
Currencies Direct has been helping people transfer funds abroad quickly, simply and cost-effectively since 1996. They’ll always offer you the best possible exchange rate, meaning you could save up to 5% by choosing Currencies Direct instead of a high street bank. With an office in the Algarve, you can sit down with a dedicated expert to talk through all those practical things standing between you and your ocean view.
Are you ready to talk? The helpful staff at Currencies Direct will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.