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Cultural boost for Carvoeiro as amphitheatre is announced

Carvoeiro is set to receive a much-needed cultural boost as plans for an amphitheatre to be located behind the picturesque cliff-top church are unveiled.
Work could start as soon as this year but the open-air venue is only expected to be ready in 2015 – with some luck in time for the summer. The Resident learnt about the plans first-hand from Lagoa Mayor Francisco Martins during a recent interview.
The facility will be built in a desirable seafront location and will follow the style of the boardwalk, which runs parallel to the sea from the church all the way to the ‘A Boneca’ tourist hotspot with its interesting rock formations.
“The amphitheatre will be in perfect harmony with its surroundings and is expected to become a popular venue, particularly due to the area’s natural beauty where visitors can take in the spectacular sea views,” said Francisco Martins.
Concerts, theatre and other cultural events could all be enjoyed in this new venue next year.
The Algar Seco area in Carvoeiro has recently undergone major improvement works. The latest project was the inauguration of the cliff-top boardwalk in April this year. Previously, the local avenue had also been narrowed and resurfaced to allow for wider pathways for pedestrians and car park spaces.
By Inês Lopes [email protected]