Cuddly animal miracle in Nazaré sees kitten reared by Boxer

It’s one of those animal miracles that will leave all kinds of questions hanging in the air, but no one seems to care. The people of Nazaré are ‘enchanted’ by it, reports Correio da Manhã this morning, bringing the story of a Boxer named Anuska who has never had any pups but who appears to have adopted a six-week-old kitten that greedily suckles milk from her.

“She is always ready to give milk”, her owner João Carvalho tells the paper. “Since I brought the kitten home, they have been inseparable. I could see straight away this was a relationship that wouldn’t turn sour”.

It is all the more surprising for the fact that two-year-old Anuska has never been pregnant.

How can she have milk? It’s a question that CM doesn’t answer, but the photographs show two clearly contented animals having a marvellous time together.

Dona Gata, as the kitten is called, is otherwise very cat-like in her behaviour, wandering the rooms of Carvalho’s home, while Anuska prefers “lying on the sofa”, says her owner.

Whenever Dona Gata approaches, Anuska immediately lifts her leg so the little kitten can snuggle up for another round of feeding time.

Perhaps its only comfort-snuggling? For now, neither animal is letting on.

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