“CTT” email scam targets Resident readers

An email scam using the name of CTT (Correios de Portugal) has targetted readers of the Resident this week.

One reader sent us an email she had received purporting to be from the Portuguese post office CTT stating that she had received a package but that the post office was unable to deliver it. It asked her to click on a link, which would then install a virus on her computer. Luckily for this reader, she was well informed of such email scams and contacted us immediately in a bid to alert others.

David Thomas, president of Safe Communities Algarve, told us: “This is typical of several email scams in the name of CTT. These scams supposedly sent by the Portuguese post office CTT state that you have received a package but the company was unable to deliver it. These are very similar to those sent in the name of DHL and Federal Express.”

He added that this one can be identified by the poor spelling as well as the fact that the email ends in “.pt.pw”. This is the giveaway as “pw” denotes an email address originating from the Republic of Palau – an island with a population of around 20,770, which is part of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. Another indicator that it is a scam is that the reference number does not have a prefix or suffix denoting the place of origin.

“This is another example of a malware attack whereby when you access the link it installs a virus on your computer. Given the number of such attacks in the name of CTT, I am rather surprised that there is little information.”

If you receive a similar email then simply call CTT directly using their official customer service number to verify that it is genuine. Do not click on any links or reply.

There are many email scams at present and SCA has produced a guide on how to recognize and deal with such scams on its website www.safecommunitiesakgarvecom/crime-prevention-advice/cybercrime/

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