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Crusader Gold

By: Linda Taylor-Gonçalves

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The first book from David Gibbins was Atlantis, set in the Mediterranean, focusing on the search for lost treasure. He has now followed this up with Crusader Gold. Once again featuring archaeologist Jack Howard, Crusader Gold is set in Istanbul with Jack on a dive for lost treasure – the elusive Crusader Gold: the greatest prize missing from the final bloody conflict of the Crusades.

The Jewish menorah, the huge golden candlestick looted by the Romans in AD70 when they ramsacked the Temple in Jerusalem and marched through Rome in triumph, was carried off to Constantinople. Now, nobody knows where it is. Some Jewish activists think it survived and is concealed in the Vatican. Some think it took another, altogether more extraordinary turn, at the beginning of history itself.

Jack Howard is the only man who can find out. But the clock is ticking against him. Will ancient history give up one of its darkest secrets? The quest to find out takes him from the fall of the Roman Empire to the last days of Nazi power – and uncovers a trail more thrilling than anyone could have imagined.

Available in paperback at 11 euros