Crowds in for Lights Out.jpg

Crowds in for Lights Out

The first night of the play Lights Out was performed on Saturday at the Centro da Quinta do Paço, between Algoz and Tunes, to a standing ovation. 

Nicky Moran wrote the play based on her own experience on a cancer ward. After being successfully treated for ovarian cancer at the age of 30 she realised that her vocation was nursing, a career which she continued until moving to the Algarve in the mid-80’s.

This production has been directed by John Mountford, assisted by his wife Barbara, who have many years of experience in all things thespian and have recently moved to the Algarve from upstate New York.

The play is being performed again this weekend, on Saturday, September 30 at 6:30pm. The last night will be on Sunday, October 1, at 6pm, the bar opens at 5:30pm and tickets are priced at 12 euros. 

 Please call Sue Butler-Cole for reservations and directions on 962 991 036 or 289 541 968 or John Wolf on 282 576 166.