Crossroads tragedy

A collision between a scooter and a light vehicle has resulted in the death of a 66-year-old man near his home in Salgados. The accident, near the traffic lights of Bela Mandil, on the EN125 in the direction of Olhão from Faro, occurred when Daniel Santos was riding on his scooter at the crossroads. The car involved in the collision was heading to Olhão when the driver apparently passed through a red light.

Daniel Santos left his house at 8am to sell a box of tomatoes in the nearby Oliveira restaurant, close to the scene of the accident. The owner of the restaurant, who had ordered the tomatoes from Santos the previous evening, said that he only found out about the accident when he saw tomatoes strewn in the middle of the road. He remembers Daniel Santos as a careful person, who always drove his red scooter slowly and had a good knowledge of the road.

Family and friends greeted the news of the death of Daniel Santos with consternation. The grandson of the deceased, Ricardo Chumbinho, 21, had a day off on the day of the tragedy and was on his way to visit his grandparents’ house. “When I arrived, a neighbour told me that my grandfather had suffered an accident. I went to the scene and, when I saw his shirt on the ground, I knew that it was my grandfather’s,” said Ricardo.

Around 15 years ago, Daniel Santos had suffered another road accident that had obliged him to cease working as a stonemason. Since then, he had dedicated himself to his vegetable patch, selling produce to local restaurants.