Critique of Criminal Reason

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Critique of Criminal Reason  

by Michael Gregorio

Gregorio has written the first in a series of compelling crime novels set in Prussia featuring Hanno Stiffeniis. His publishers (Faber) call the novel an electrifying historical thriller – a journey into the dark streets of Prussia where a deadly serial killer has a city at his mercy.

It’s 1793, Stiffeniis is a magistrate in Prussia. He has been called to investigate a spate of murders that has reduced the city to a state of terror, under the watchful gaze of his mentor, Kant. Four people have died and there is no sign of an end to the killing spree.

Tension inside the city is heightened by the imminent threat of invasion, Napoleon is menacing the borders of Prussia so, while hunting for the murderer, the city of Konigsberg is forced to deal with scheming whores, necromancers who claim to speak with the victims and the scum of the Prussian army. When the killer tries to murder him, the magistrate finds himself confronted by the demons of his own past. Therein lies the sinister source of those murders and the true reason he has been enticed back to Konigsberg. A hugely atmospheric, entertaining and intelligent book.

Available in paperback at 11 euros