Critical equipment for Silves Bombeiros

news: Critical equipment for Silves Bombeiros

COMMANDANT ANTÓNIO Nunes again welcomed Ludwig Schaefer, chief of the fire brigade in Malgerdorf, Germany, who has become a loyal friend of the Silves Bombeiros.

Having made previous deliveries of equipment, this time Ludwig had organised for the delivery of fireproof wellington boots, protective clothing and special water supply equipment.

Regular readers of The Resident may remember that the bombeiros were also in urgent need of a dinghy. Hearing of their plight, Wolfgang Felzen, a wholesale importer of equipment from China, came to their assistance. At cost price, he has supplied not only a new, much needed dinghy but also a powerful 40hp motor. Wolfgang is also assisting them with the acquisition of a mobile diesel generator. A generous 25 per cent discount from BG Equipamento Náutico, Lda has meant that the bombeiros have also been able to purchase a trailer.

Commandant Nunes was delighted and, once again, thanked all those who have helped support the Bombeiros. If you can help, visit or call fundraisers Angela on 936 384 275 or Ray on 282 443 855.