Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘mystery’ twins “have been born”

It’s (not yet) official, but news channels are running with it anyway. SIC television was the first to report that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mystery twins – mooted by the UK’s Sun newspaper in March – were born to a surrogate on the west coast of America on Thursday.

For now, there are no photos of Eva and Mateo, nor any further information of when they will be delivered into the care of Ronaldo’s extended family.

According to the Sun’s original story (click here), the plan is for two new additions to the Aveiro clan to be ‘collected’ by grandmother Dolores and flown to Europe as soon as possible. But then, again, none of this has been confirmed by Portugal’s 32-year-old football legend himself who is also believed to be expecting a baby from Spanish girlfriend “Gio” Rodriguez (click here).

All in all, in a week where news has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, this is just more for the pot.

What is intriguing is that the ‘surrogate’ mother of Eva and Mateo appears to come from exactly the same geographical area as the surrogate mother of CR7’s adored lookalike son ‘Cristianinho’.

But the news blackout over little Cristiano’s mother has persisted for six high-profile years, so chances are that details of Eva and Mateo’s will be kept equally under wraps.

Rumours there are aplenty, but corroborated facts have still to make it onto the field.

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