Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother intercepted at Madrid airport with €55,000 in suitcase

With anyone else, it could have been considered money-laundering, but for CR7’s famous mother it looks much more like this was a €55,000 case, or perhaps handbag, of forgetfulness.

Sixty-one-year-old Dolores Aveiro was “intercepted and detained at Madrid airport after being found trying to leave the country” with five times the legal limit of cash in her hand luggage, Spain’s El Mundo newspaper has revealed.

“The star footballer’s mother was not able to justify the origin of the money,” the story continued, and thus “to return to Portugal, she had to leave €45,000 behind”.

Taking up the story, website noticiasaominuto explains that “the situation did not constitute a crime, but more an administrative failure”.

“For this reason, Dolores was not arrested, just held back for some minutes so that everything could be regularised.

“The money remained with agents of the tax authority which will be applying a sanction to Dolores Aveiro for infringing the rules.”

Rules for transporting money overseas limit people to carrying a maximum of €10,000.

Causing a flurry of news stories today, the incident harks back to a flight made by Aveiro last month.

As soon as the sanction (for that read ‘fine’) is paid, Aveiro can expect the €45,000 to be returned, writes CARAS magazine.

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