Cristiano Ronaldo “fathers twins with surrogate”

Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to be the father of twin boys being carried by a “heavily-pregnant” surrogate “based on the west coast of the United States”.

Whether the surrogate is the same woman who gave birth to ‘Cristianinho’ (Cristiano Junior) – born six years ago to a woman in San Diego (also on the west coast of the US) – has not been explained.

But the news, revealed by the UK’s Sun newspaper, suggests the babies’ will be born “very soon” and their paternal grandmother, Dolores Aveiro, will fly out to the US to collect them and bring them home to Ronaldo’s “£5 million mansion on the outskirts of the Spanish capital”.

The extraordinary arrangement appears to mirror almost exactly what happened to Ronaldo’s adored ‘look-alike’ son in 2010, who was put into Dolores Aveiro’s care shortly after being given up by his biological mother for what was reported at the time to be a “£10 million paternity bill”.

Says the Sun tabloid, Ronaldo feels Cristiano Jr needs brothers, and that “the time is right”.

A source is reported to have told the paper: “Cristiano and his family can’t wait to meet the new members of their clan”.

No mention is made of how the Madrid football star’s new Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is taking the news, nor to what method of conception Ronaldo may have resorted.

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