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Criminals are the problem, not the police

Dear Editor,

I’m sorry but am I the only one who feels the “Attacks on Tourists” making the news of recent weeks is getting a rather out of proportion reaction?

I don’t for one moment condone what has happened to these people, any violence is reprehensible, but these could hardly be described as tourists.

If my information is correct, the people involved were on the streets in the early hours of the morning, even late early hours (4.30am).

If they were on the streets of almost any British city at that time they would run an equally high risk of being mugged or worse.

Being on holiday isn’t like wearing a “magic cloak” that makes all the bad stuff go away and leaves you free to behave any way you wish.

The British on holiday are notorious for all the wrong reasons! They often fail to remember they are in somebody else’s country with a different language and values.

You can only applaud the Portuguese for their endless warmth, tolerance and patience.

No, it’s not Britain and thank goodness for that…. Yes, I am a Brit and an expat.

I lived in the Netherlands for many years during which time I was robbed 13 times!

It didn’t make me blame the Dutch police. Just angry with the real problem .. the criminals.

Jenny B, by email