Shots of some of the crowd supporting negationist judge Rui Costa today in Lisbon

“Crimes against humanity”: Hundreds turn out in Lisbon to support ‘negationist’ judge

So-called ‘negationist judge’ Rui Costa – the former Odemira magistrate who has been vehemently against Portugal’s pandemic ‘response’ since the early days – delivered a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office today – alleging crimes against humanity perpetrated by President Marcelo, prime minister António Costa and ‘other members of government’.

The gist of his intervention is that all have played their part in what he sees as ignoring less draconian/ much more humanitarian solutions to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Portugal’s ‘negationist movement’ has always been dismissed by the media as residual – and so it may be. But today in Lisbon, the pavements outside the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) were full; Portuguese flags flying, people of all ages congratulating the maverick whose ‘Habeas Corpus’ Facebook page carries the contents of the complaint in full, much of it in English. 

Literally hundreds turned up to support this ‘renegade of the justice system’ who is the subject of a disciplinary action due to be heard next month (click here).

According to SIC, “the inspector in charge of the case has already proposed expulsion” from the magistrature, which after today looks even more likely.

Rui Costa is a man who doesn’t pull his punches. He recently referred to parliamentary leader Ferro Rodrigues as a pedophile, which seems almost certain to see another judicial action taken against him (click here).

Today’s protest wound its way from the PGR to the Parque Eduardo VII where a large banner proclaimed the words of one of the heroes of the Revolution (Captain Salgueiro Maia): “There is a time when you need to disobey”.

Generally, negationist rallies are given very little space by the Portuguese media. Today’s appears to be an exception. It is being featured by SIC, Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias and perhaps other outlets will follow.

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