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Crime unpunished

Dear Editor,

At the beginning of June a tourist got attacked by six men in Albufeira near the Montechoro hotel.

Being a cage fighter, he managed to knock them all down and the GNR turned up to handcuff them all. So the GNR was there and what a success!

But as the victim did not file a formal complaint, the violent attackers were set free without any law case. That is outrageous!

Firstly, a violent attack is a public offence and should be dealt with by the federal attorney – is it not? And secondly I am urging the “cage fighter” (even if he does not feel like a victim) – as well as all other victims – to file a complaint at the police and follow the case.

And I am urging all witnesses to testify in these cases. Even if it is a hassle, but what we are teaching right now is that extreme violence is very much tolerated! That way it will spread greatly!

More policing is not enough, if the attackers do not get punished – they need to serve their fair sentence, there have to be deterrent court cases with the outcomes publicly communicated.

It might even make sense to create a fund that takes care of expenses for the victims and witnesses, as long as each case is being reported and dealt with. Our families could be next and I feel very uncomfortable out at night with my family in Vilamoura, Albufeira and Faro.

The number of unreported cases is high, I know that from my surroundings, more than eight people got attacked and only two went to the police to report against “unknown”. Portuguese people are talking about the good, bad old times, when offenders got a beating right on the spot by the GNR and crime rates were low.

Criminals need clear signs that they will get caught and punished hard.


Dear Editor,

There is a perception in the UK that one has to be careful of late night attacks around Albufeira and this is prevalent in golfing circles.

It’ll cost money, but the authorities will have to crack down hard on the small minority who are responsible.

Be it through a task force or undercover surveillance, they should not be too difficult to find. Then publicise the results!